It’s Saturday Night!

Saturday Night

My girlfriend and I have been best friends since before we were teenagers. When you first start to party and drink alcohol in high school, you can’t really handle the booze. So you act obnoxious, loud, and maybe even a little crazy. I’m grown up and older, past the age of the college constant partying. But put me, my best friend, and a pitcher of beer in a bar… and all hell breaks loose. Yes, it’s true, I admit it. When we go out together and start drinking we go right back into our crazy behavior just like we did in school. We flirt, we get loud, and we are for certain obnoxious. Sometimes we dance on pool tables, sometimes we spill beer all over ourselves, and sometimes we dance while grinding together. The next day we always talk on the phone to rehash what we did the night before. We can laugh for hours through our hangovers. But that’s what makes a Saturday night great, isn’t it? Everyone needs a break and a good party once in a while! I’m going out tonight with her – and there is sure to be some trouble!

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