Hey Mr. Fuck-able I have Something Wet for You!


Hello to my fellow Star Wars geeks. I have to publicly say that I got tons of email after my last post about the movie. Ok, so it seems there are many horny SW geeks that enjoyed my brief comments and they all wanted to chat lol. Let me state for the record that I saw the film twice within that first weekend and I will probably see it a third on the big screen. The DVD will play weekly for awhile on my surround sound system. It’s awesome.

One of the reasons it was awesome was due to a very short 60-second scene involving one of the lead characters. His name is Hayden Christensen and he plays Anakin. For a whole 30-60 seconds, I got to see him with his shirt off and he is now a man for sure with that chest. Hummmmm I got a little sweaty in the theater witnessing that beauty. I decided to add him to my celebrity TO DO LIST.

See, I have this list of Hollywood hunks… mainly just actors that I find totally hot and I want TO DO. Yes, I mean I want to do it to them, I want to fuck them all senseless. I’ve just added innocent young Hayden whom I intend to do unspeakable things to in my fantasy. I would do things with him that would cause him to never look his own mother straight in the eyes again out of shame. Hehe. I am sweating again right now.

If you are intrigued by my TO DO LIST, I’ve been considering putting the whole list on the site just for fun. Then if Hayden or anyone else on it should see… they can call me to make arrangements. Hey, a girl has to dream….. and fantasize a lot to be in the phone sex business right?

It’s true; I annoy my boyfriend with this list. It’s always growing and he rolls his eyes at me. I can’t help being so perverted that I am incapable of watching pretty much any Movie or Television show without finding some guy in it to be fuck-able. It’s a cross I must bear and a soaked pair of panties I must wear.

Oh and Hayden, call me as soon as you see this.

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