Having Sex on the Beach



Ah, the beach… I just returned from a week-long excursion. Oh yes, it was worth it. My boyfriend and I rented a beach house…. you just leer out the window and see the waves. I got a light golden tan, and the wind through my hair was excellent!

Of course, this blog is really about sex… so let’s get to it! I had to experience sex on the beach for the first time. I was warned by many – that sand gets everywhere and obviously, that’s common sense too. But I’ve got a few tips for those who want to do it as I did.

Find a private area. I also suggest the night time since fewer people will obviously be there. Under a pier is perfect. On my trip… we had our own private pier. Something to this effect is best since you know that no one else is using it, there is plenty of space, and it’s quiet.

Take multiple blankets! It’s not enough to just lay ONE down in the sand… you need a few BIG king sized blankets overlapping and making a huge wide area. Save one to cover up with unless you prefer to be arrested for public nudity.

Definitely get some type of WIPES that are not irritating to your nasty bits. You will probably need to use them several times before, during, and after sex. Keep sand out of the pussy and away from your asshole please…. it is extremely irritating to sensitive parts!

Take a big jug of water. You will get thirty, you may need to rinse some sand away, or even wash the sand from your mouth as you are busy sucking and licking body parts that may have some sand. Trust me sand on your tongue is not as yummy as my girl juice is.

Take a normal shower after as soon as humanly possible too. Yes, there will still be sand in places you can’t imagine.

The missionary position is probably best – but mainly you need to think ahead and plan on being in one sex position the whole time. Switching positions only cause you to rumple up the blankets and sand.

Did I like fucking on the beach? Well “hell yeah”! Sex just about anywhere is always good hehe. It’s more of a romantic action rather than a “kinky” one because you must use more caution due to the sand. But I highly suggest it, at least once.

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