Caught in my Web


I love to ponder things… I am naturally analytical. I use that as a talent because I know how to make it work best for me. For instance: I use it sexually….

I have a motive for every item I wear. Every move I make seductively in public is calculated. I tease with intent … and the longer the tease lasts, then the more I like it. I mean it when I do it, and I am well aware how I can use my feminine “power” to my advantage.

I am also very decisive. I narrow my view to a certain guy in a club. Usually, it’s a guy who appears a little shy, or less attention seeking than his friend. The guy who makes quick eye contact with me and looks away … but I can always keep catching him peeking at me. I like those types of guys … the perfect ones to tease. I can always catch him in my web.

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