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Well, it’s that time of year again, when the weather warms up… the sun comes out… and much less clothing is worn! It’s also time to plan my usual beach vacation! This year I have rented an immaculate house that is directly on the beach and includes a hot tub. I have spent an obscene amount of money on it. Business has been pretty good – what can I say?

I am now ready for the shopping excursion to get all new clothes for it. I am bikini obsessed and like to have at least 7 at all times so I have a different one for each day. Each summer I purchase a new one and retire one. This year I’m retiring a cute little purple one and I’ll try to replace it this weekend.

I love the way a bikini feels against my skin, and more importantly, I love the attention I get from it. In real life, I am somewhat normal – if you can believe that! I am not mega-slut for real, just on the internet lol. But I do love to see men inappropriately watching me when I am in my bikini. Wearing a bikini is almost like being naked in public and that appeals to my personal fantasy.

I always had what I have called my slight exhibitionist desire. I like the idea of sex in public and being watched, or being seen naked etc. Wearing a bikini is close to it, without breaking a law lol. In some ways, I like the tease of it even more than full exposure. I can remember laying out in the sun on the beach about 2 years ago and some couple I didn’t know was nearby. The angle at which they were sitting allowed the husband (or boyfriend, whatever he was) to have a clear shot of my bikini crotch if I dared to open my legs. I’m sure you can guess that I did. I had to see if he noticed, and once I knew he noticed I didn’t do it again. I liked the idea of giving him a “little” and then taking it away.

Maybe this year I will “accidentally” flash some nipple slip to some poor unsuspecting husband. In any case… I cannot wait to get into my bikini, on the beach, and be a tease. Life is hard when your main focus is men. Poor poor me.


beach girl


Author: Lynnea

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