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Public Cock Tease

Tease and Denial

I never realized the power I had over men until I learned to be a tease.
Catching Katie

Spycam, Masturbation

When she came into view, I realized that she had just come out of the shower.
Babysitter Rock

Voyuer, Masturbation

She was pumping her pussy pretty good, her sleek body writhing as she rocked.
Star Performance

Lesbians, Peeping

They were pounding their pubes together, sliding on the dildo buried deep inside their cunts
Bouncy Lust

Neighbors, Spy

Cathy's lovely round butt was facing my direction, her buttocks clenching and unclenching.
First Time Phonesex

Lynnea, Phone

Then he asked me to fuck my pussy as though it was his cock ramming in and out of me.
Bi-Sexual Girlfriend

Girl on Girl, Spy

Below her wide-eyed stare was the sight of this incredible woman possessing her very being.
The Long Lunch

Interracial Sex

White men dont know what to do with a bitches titties. Most of the time.
In Need of It

Bi, Nympho, Sex

She stuck her fingers into her pussy and quietly started to masturbate.
Happy Campers

Voyuer, Outdoors

Their fucking getting more manic and intense as their bodies pounded.

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