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We go above and beyond the "typical" and hit new heights of reality. 
Mutual masturbation is the true meaning of phone sex.

Phone Flirts ® offer a variety of Special deals and super cheap phone sex rates! Cheap is a relative term in "phone sex" ... it all depends on what you think it is. Yet I try hard to provide a quality service for an affordable price. I also try hard to offer both new callers and my regular callers unique specials. Just read the details of each special and learn all about it. And remember that you NEED to request the special when you call me.. it is not an automatic thing.

Monday - The Daytime Phone Sex Cock Block
Ok now I know that a normal cock block is when one of your buddies interferes with your chance to get some pussy. That's not what my cock block is... in fact, I'm gonna give you the chance to get a whole lot of phone sex pussy really cheap!
Every Monday you can buy 60 Minutes of Phone Sex for $48.00 BUT you can break up that hour anyway you want for an entire week.

Do 5 minutes 3 times in one day like a compulsive masturbator - or hell.... do a 12 minute call all 5 days Monday through Friday. How ever you want to break up your time - you CAN! The only catch is that this is a daytime special so it needs to be used up before 5pm Eastern Time everyday in ONE week! And you must use all of your time in the SAME week, it doesn't carry over to the next.

Tuesday - The Business Man's Phone Sex Deal
A special phone sex bargain every Tuesday for the intellectual business man who wants to spend a little part of his busy work day talking to a naughty girl. You are smart enough to know how to make your work day go a lot faster and Lynnea is naughty enough to help ya do it!
60 Minutes for only $45.00 during the hours of 9am - 5pm Eastern Standard Time only ! That only costs you 75 cents per minute for long slow intense phone sex!

Friday The Morning Glory Phone Sex Deal
15 Minute Calls only $15.00 This Special is only during 10am-12 Noon Eastern Time Zone This special is NOT "automatic" - you must ASK for it!

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