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My name is Lynnea, I know I have been a very bad girl by acting like such a cock tease, and that I am going to get what I deserve. I need a good hard spanking! I will pull up my skirt for you and climb over your knee. I will try not to squirm too much in your lap as you slap my petite little ass cheeks with your bare open hand. Did you say no? You mean you are going to use the paddle instead on my nice firm ass! It will turn all pink and be sore!

I can tell you that I love a good old fashioned spanking. I like to give them... and oh yes, I like to receive them. I've done lots of calls that revolve around spanking, and many different roleplays. It's my absolute favorite fantasy!

Some come on and give me a call because together we can roleplay any spanking fantasy you have. We'll make it erotic, we'll make it sexy... but all in all.. somebody is gonna get it good!

Amateur Phone Sex with Lynnea for Cheap Phone Sex

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Amateur Phone Sex with Lynnea

When I am not available overnight or weekends you can call some of my friends!
Just dial toll free 1-877-845-7884 and hear Lynnea's introduction recording!
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