This is my bio page where you can read a little bit about me before you call!
Hiya, I'm Lynnea and yes I do enjoy erotic spankings for real. I enjoy many forms of sex, of course, who doesn't right? But I like a nice firm ass spanking sometimes, and I enjoy giving them as well. I sometimes just enjoy DISCUSSING spankings with other like minded people and can become very aroused by it. I find role playing out different little fantasies fun too. Ok so that's a little about my interest in having this website... but now, here is a little about me personally! I am 26 years old and very petite. I am so tiny I would fit nicely over you knee... hehe. I am not what you'd consider a hard-core dom or into extreme spankings that leave marks or scars. I am also not into being very submissive meaning I don't like to be verbally abused or experience extreme pain either. I enjoy spankings to be "sexy" and fun as a form of sexual play. I consider myself to be mature for my age, intelligent, and witty. I'm a party girl but I also know how to be serious. I'm a lady in public and a dirty little slut in private. I'm also sweet, a little snotty, and very pleasant to talk to. I'm gentle but sometimes rough. I'm cute, but sometimes a complete seductress, and of course.... I am a total cock tease as well. I'm also just a good conversationalist and enjoy talking about other things too. I truly do enjoy phone sex, and the lines are direct to me. I design my own stuff and if you choose to really surf through my site you'll see just how much I believe in presenting myself as who I genuinely am!

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