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10 Min is $14.99 15 Min is $16.99 20 Min is $18.99 30 Min is $25.99
Phone Sex These rates are ONLY Guaranteed when you talk to Lynnea directly
Cheap Phone Sex Rates Explained

Hi there from Lynnea! I thought I'd write up a very simple explanation of the rates to have phone sex with me! Phone sex with Phone Flirts® will ALWAYS be priced reasonably and inexpensively!! The prices are extremely simple! The minimum is $14.99 for 10 minutes. This price is ONLY valid if you speak to ME personally.

New callers will need to provide detailed billing information so that we are able to process your call. make sure you have your credit card IN your hand and are ready to move this portion of the call along smoothly. The billing procedure is very specific and very thorough - yet you will only need to go through it the first time you call. Your card will NOT be billed immediately - only authorized, which is like having funds on hold. You are NOT physically BILLED until after a call is done. This is normal procedure because calls go through an extra step before we immediately bill you. We try very hard to avoid any billing mistakes so everything is verified a second time by our accounting department. You never have to worry about your information being compromised by Phone Flirts.... it is in fact a GUARANTEE.

No, the time it takes to process your call does NOT count as a portion of your call - the clock does not start running until we return to the phone with you, and everything has be authorized. No - we do not accept prepayments through the mail. No, we do not personally bill your telephone. No, we do not do call backs. No, there are not weird extra charges or connection fees. No, we do not accept other payment options that are not FDIC approved. No, you can not remain anonymous or keep your information private and still do a phone sex call with us. No, you can not be under the federal age of 21 and do a call with us. And no, you can NOT use your company card or your wife's card -- the credit card you use must be listed in YOUR name.

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If you would like to talk to a variety of different girls, ladies who do domination, or you want to talk to a flirt when I am not available... I have two different numbers available for you.
Cheap Phone Sex Quickies 1-888-799-0857
Phone Sex Flirts Line -1-877-335-4787

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