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Make a Payment Online
I have a special form that you can use to pay for a call online. This form can be used for International callers, or for someone who prefers to keep their information more private. With this form I only accept VISA, MASTERCARD, and AMEX. Here is how it works....

1.) You have to call me to make sure I am available first. Since I don't work 24/7 I prefer it if you only make a payment when you KNOW 100% you can reach me.

2.) I'm going to give you a special username and password that will work on the payment link below. This helps to eliminate callers who ignore the first step.

3.) Your payment receipt will take up to 5 minutes to reach me. Then simply call me back and we're good to go!

Yes!... your info remains more private however I will still ask for you some on the phone. I am required by law to maintain a certain level of records just like an adult oriented business is. There is not a way to do a totally anoymous call.

----------------------------> Click Here to Make a Payment Online for Phone Sex with Lynnea

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Billing By Mail After a Call
You can have a bill sent to your home address after a call that you can pay for by check, money order, or credit card. You have 30 days to make good on this payment. I have a special merchant I use to process bills by mail, and if payment is not made on time... you do get turned into a collection agency. It also requires me to collect some pretty specific and detailed information from you. please be advised of that before asking. I also only bill in block amounts for it and the minimum is $50.00 which can then be broken up into several calls. The bill that comes to you will be "generic" and it doesn't show phone sex on it. This type of order is placed via telephone with Lynnea.

Money Orders Thru the Mail
I'm posting this since I am always asked about it. No, I do not accept ANY payments to me in the mail, and especially not money orders. I have no legal way to identify your age as a new caller, and my lawyer told me NO WAY. I listen to him. I'm sorry but I do not accept money orders in the mail, UNLESS you have at least ONCE used a valid Credit Card with me. If you have used a CC in the past and want to switch to a MO that is acceptible and you can use my Contact Page to email me or call me about it.

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