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My name is Lynnea, I'm the Phone Flirts queen and a professional business woman. I am also an extremely sincere person. Many consider me to be "the girl next door" or the type of girl "that you could date in real life". It's my natural personality and I don't put on a "show" when you talk to me. I hate those phone sex ads where the girl says things like "I want to suck your cock" or "I want you to fuck me in the ass". That's not what Phone Sex is....... REAL phone sex is 2 people talking naughty and reaching ecstasy together. It's mutual masturbation and that's what it is supposed to be! Roleplays are fun and all, but I like the reality of phone sex the best! I want to tell you EVERY detail about what I am doing on our call, and I want to hear just what you are doing too. Your excitement get me so turned on because I love the sounds of a man's baited breath. hmmmm. Oh, and I am a flirt alright.... maybe the worst kind (or the best depending on your interpretation). I am the kind of girl who plans out my seductions, I work at it everyday, I'm very selective, secretive, and love to toy with a man. Not only do I try to leave a man still struck with desire.... but I also like to leave him panting when I am through!

I am very naturally sensual and flirtatious. But I am also old fashioned, sultry, classy, honest, naturally naughty, open minded, imaginative, smart, and educated. I'm truthful and very to the "point", I don't create wild stories or talk "down" to you. I am also a very real person who won't fabricate a wild sexual story and tell you I've done it if I haven't. Actually one of the types of calls I enjoy most are the ones where we just talk about sex... I find it a big turn on. I'm pretty simple when it comes to my sexuality - I know what I like and what arouses me - I am not complex with it. I am not terribly dominant nor am I submissive - I personally feel I am the perfect balance of both. I believe that we all are slightly different sexually with different people. I feel that every person I am with, or talk to can bring out different sides to me. So call me directly on my toll free number, let's spend some time together. But I'll warn you... the Lynnea Addiction is pretty hard to shake off.

If you would like to talk to a variety of different girls, ladies who do domination, or you want to talk to a flirt when I am not available... I have two different numbers available for you.
Phone Sex with Fone Flirts 1-888-799-0857
$1.99 per minute with a 7 minute minimum
*Different Rates Apply at this Number and Lynnea is not Available on it

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