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Phone Sex with Lynnea

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Owl Being Having Some Phone Sex

Just got back from a 7 day family vacation. As per usual, traveling with family is both good and bad. We own a house on a lake up in the mountains, and we usually cram into it. This year my boyfriend and I rented our own house a short distance away so we could be alone. #1 that meant more privacy and fucking time, and #2 the house is getting too full and only has one bathroom. I need bathroom time, not so much toilet time, but Princess time to pamper myself. The weather was PERFECT, we took the boat out nearly everyday, and I got some sunburn.

The above photo was taken at the house I stayed at with my man. We had this huge but beautiful owl who apparently trolled the property as his/her owl. I just thought the pic turned out cool and eerie.

Well, back to phone sex!


Phone Sex with Lynnea

Phone Sex with Lynnea Voice and Speech

My voice sounds like whiskey honey… it will warm you from the inside out. My pattern of speech is slow and deliberate, seductive and sultry. My voice has been compared to velvet and it will capture your attention right away.

My Personality I’m going to charm the pants right off of you. Some guys say I am the Princess of Seduction. Some guys say I am a hot little minx.

I masturbate; therefore I am. I touch myself, because I can. If you sound sexy, if you are sweet to me, then I will want to cum with you.

I’m always told I am the girl next door. But there is so much more to me than that. My mind and speech are slow and gradual. Before you know it – you will be lost in my wicked web of lust. My feminine hiss will run through your mind… days later, even when you try to block it out. A phone sex call with me is not some High School play or performance. It’s an indulgence in adult delights.

I promise you I know how to be feminine. I will bring out your natural male urges, so intensely that you will feel my softness beside you. I’m down to earth and I always share myself with you. I’m business minded, intelligent, open, and our phone call together will be extremely intimate.

Let’s try to be more meaningful than: “uh so what do you like” when we talk. Let’s probe our minds deeply. Let’s share some real experiences we’ve had in a blatantly honest environment. Our phone call will be exactly as WE MAKE IT to be. So let’s make it personal and real.

Ever wonder how many times in one day that I cum? Call me and I will tell you!


Getting to Know All About Me

Hey! For something different I thought I might post some things you may not have known about me. Ok so this is boring mundane crap… but also just who I am! Yes, I am really boring and mundane in my regular life sometimes. I don’t live the life of a sex goddess damn it. I have to make some changes I guess :)

Phone Sex

I am a huge Howard Stern fan, I listen everyday and am a superfan. I’m an animal lover, I volunteer my time and money to donate to shelters. I am a purse addict. I buy a new purse for every season, and they are all black. I am a Star Wars geek, and I beat everyone at any Trivia game on it. I love odd and unusual collectibles, and I have many weird collections. I am not squeamish, and I like scary movies. My favorite place to be is the beach. I love pizza and beer. I drive an SUV and I like to drive too fast. I do yoga daily both in the morning and at night. My favorite season is Autumn. My favorite holiday is Halloween and I love to dress up for it. I like Guy Movies better then Chick Flicks. I hate it when a guy sends me flowers. I would make a crappy housewife because I hate to clean. My favorite meal of the day is breakfast. I love Italian Food and my favorite is Gnocci. My perfect date is … dinner, movie, drinks, and sex. In that order. I am attracted to a man’s hands. I have an extensive education and a vast amount of common sense. It’s difficult for anyone to lie to me without me catching them. I have a cynical side and my trust is earned. I have a warped and twisted sense of humor. I find humor in many inappropriate things and laugh at things that make others cringe. I am witty and sarcastic but always in a fun way. I often say what I think bluntly, and some people do not appreciate it. I have a very deep fear of drowning. I dislike people who are “too nice and sugary” because I find it to be very false. I’m laid back and rarely “seek” to be the center of attention. I am confidant without arrogance. It is hard for me to accept compliments or gifts. I have a shy side in large groups of people. I really hate crowds, I will deal with it but get impatient. I swear like a drunken sailor and love to find new ways to curse. I am gentle and very sweet. I have a well rounded education and am well traveled. I was once told that I have a very high degree of ethics and character. I flirt with everyone, even women or grandmothers. I keep my friends for years and years. I love phone sex and love what I do!

Phone Sex with Phone Flirts