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Welcome to Lynnea’s Diary
Hello! I'm Lynnea and this is my diary. I've been a phone sex operator for many years. I'm verbally creative and mentally artist. I'm naughty by nature, seductive by design. Plus I am really cute! Amateur Phone Sex doesn’t mean "inexperience" or "lack of knowledge". I am very educated, and I am a great communicator. I use the term Amateur to mean that…. I’m not an actress and I’m not working various areas of the porn industry. I’m a real girl, a regular girl, an average girl, and even the girl next door.

I got a wickedly nice compliment today from a pretty new caller. He told me that he has called phone sex services/girls for many years and he told me that by far I am the best he has ever spoken with.

Now, let me tell you a secret in the phone sex industry. Anytime a guy shoots his load… and anytime you are a part of it… he says you are the best. Let’s face it… all that release and endorphin high pretty much weaves a magic happy spell on anyone, and especially so on a drooling penis. I know this, and rarely take it seriously. However, I often have very communicative callers, and they can make me believe them with good reason… as was the case today.

Let’s just say if I have any celebrity status in the phone sex world (lol) that it comes from my “I Hate Phone Sex Ads…” theory and mentality. Claiming “I Hate Phone Sex Ads” has been my motto for a very long time now, and I’ve seen it often imitated… but trust me I do subscribe to it’s theory.

I don’t like falseness… I mean in my real life too. You know the people who are all so happy, peppy, and completely not genuine? Blech. I know I am not unique in the fact that I don’t how to be that way, or maybe it’s just too much effort to constantly put on a mask such as that to the world. I’m just always ME, whether it’s cranky or happy and peppy.

That applies to phone sex too. You know how many ads imply bullshit like… “I can do EVERY fantasy on the planet”… or “I am a total slut every minute of the day”….. or something like that? Call me cynical…. But I don’t believe it. Further, what I often hear from callers makes it even worse.

You don’t need to use a phone sex script to SOUND like one for instance. If ever other word out of an operators mouth is “oh baby” or she just goes in to moan-a-tone sound… it’s ends up sounding like a script even if it isn’t. At the very least… it sounds rehearsed or common placed for the girl. Phone sex with too much structure involved is just like a script too. Don’t we all really want it to be more fun, impulsive, and spontaneous?

I don’t know how to do that phony shit. I just don’t. Part of why I like what I do is because I like people, like to meet them, like to talk to them and get to know them. People interest me, and MEN interest me the most. I could not enjoy myself on any call if I put on a fake front. If I am not enjoying myself in some way… how can the other person? The way I relate to Tom is different than how I relate to Harry… or to Dick…ok let me giggle like crazy now from saying dick… hehehehehehehe

I truly do dislike the way phone sex is advertised, that is not a joke. I think it comes out as cheap most of the time without considering the fact that ALL callers are unique individuals or human beings even. Because of that… I have to work with you as a person, not as a fetish or fantasy where one size fits all. If a guy comes along and says he has a panty fetish… I pick his mind, and I get to his unique secrets.

I don’t “get into my character” when my phone rings… instead I “get into the call”. I question you, I take directions, I add my own creativity, and I give every caller a piece of myself. Cheap phone sex… expensive phone sex… none of that really matters. It’s only a price. What matters most is that you get what you are paying for.

My caller today pointed this all out to me, and we discussed this topic at length. I love to go hard and fast into this type of conversation. I don’t really believe that I am the “BEST”… but what I do believe is that I am a woman with an edge in the phone sex world. I’m a little different, a little more genuine in who I am, and a lot more natural than you might expect. I’m a deep thinker who analyzes myself and my caller. I work hard to make you happy without working hard to be something I’m not. I love phone sex most when a caller truly “gets me”, and enjoys my company for what it is.

Phone Sex with Lynnea
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