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Hi, I'm Lynnea… I am a Phone Sex Operator with passion, ethics, intelligence, experience,
and amazing skills of seduction. I also have a nice perky set of tits. Welcome to my Phone Sex Diary where you will see that I share pieces of myself, my reality, the dirt on the phone sex industry, and about my unique sense of FUN in a wild business. Wanna have Phone Sex with me?

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What I'm Doing Now...
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  • You learn something new everyday. Unless you're an idiot of course. 2012-05-17
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  • Why don't prison inmates just use liquid soap? It would solve a lot of problems 2012-05-16
  • Dear twitter.... I'm trying to clean up my account and you are making me angry. You won't like me when I'm angry. Luv Lynn 2012-05-07
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  • I kind of have a love hate with the month of August. It's a good time to get all my remodeling done, but hate the heat! 2011-08-08
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  • Goodmorning Twitter 2011-07-05
  • Happy 4th of July people! 2011-07-04
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In business since 1999, we are the US Registered Trademark holders of the term "PHONE FLIRTS" for phone sex entertainment and the legal status is "ACTIVE". We are the only phone sex service officially authorized to use this phrase, including the variations of it. We assiduously protect our Registered Trademarks & copyrighted materials without exception. Thank you for respecting our intellectual property rights.

Sexting and Erotic Text Messages to Your Cell Phone

So what do you think of sexting and dirty text messages? I am thinking about offering small packages on the site. I think they can be kind of fun as an extra way to stay in contact with me and I can do them even when I am not accepting phone calls. Interested or like the idea? hate it? Use the contact form and tell me your thoughts!


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