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    I am considering starting a sexting service. You'd pay for a block of time so we could exchange dirty text messages. The price would be very cheap. Please text me at 412-573-1140 and let me know if you'd be interested in it!

Welcome to Lynnea’s Diary
Hello! I'm Lynnea and this is my diary. I've been a phone sex operator for many years. I'm verbally creative and mentally artist. I'm naughty by nature, seductive by design. Plus I am really cute! Amateur Phone Sex doesn’t mean "inexperience" or "lack of knowledge". I am very educated, and I am a great communicator. I use the term Amateur to mean that…. I’m not an actress and I’m not working various areas of the porn industry. I’m a real girl, a regular girl, an average girl, and even the girl next door.

Yes, that’s me. I am a petite blond cock tease with a warped and twisted mind. I guess this means I like head games. Teasing, I really love to tease men. Control, it’s just so awesome to overpower a man with my sexuality. Truly, I was born this way.


Ever since I was a tiny girl, I knew how to wrap males around my finger. I can usually understand someone’s buttons pretty quickly and I love to push them… with my middle finger. Maybe I add in a hair flip. Perhaps I do it with a sideways smirk, and doe eyes. And often a cute little head tilt helps get him going.

Most of all; it is my brain, my sensual mind… That truly twists a man up into horny tight little knots. I don’t always understand what I am doing right away; it’s a deeply embedded personality trait that I’ve always known. Yet other times I know precisely what I have done. Obviously my creativity inspires me to walk that fine line between “cock tease” and “abuse”. I almost never allow it to become “painful”. Almost. Maybe.

I was talking to one of my long time addicts clients today. I’ve written about him before which you can read HERE. We drew up the conclusion that I am a “petite blond with a warped and twisted mind”. I am Princess Bad Ass and I have the tee shirt to prove it.

Cock teasing is such an exquisite little torture. Denial can make a man squirm. Delaying his orgasm as long as I want to; only encourages me more. My client R knows what to expect from me, he knows that I am a pleasure seeker. Of course, he knows that part of my pleasure comes from the head games we play. And lastly, he knows that he will never really win.

Because only I can.




I get asked many questions about phone sex from my callers. Often they want to know how I made phone sex into a business, how I feel about it, and little details like that. So I created this phone sex faq article to answer some of those questions!

How long have u been doing phone sex? I’ve been doing calls for a few years now, and yes – I do love it. I consider it an adventure and each day is new and different.

Do you like your callers? Of course! The cool thing is that you get to talk to all different types of people all over the country and even the world. All my callers are unique and different, but they are real people and I never forget that.

Do you do anything else? Right now I am back to taking some college courses as well as teaching a few. I don’t get specific about that stuff on my website but I do discuss my personal life a bit more on the phone.

Do you really get off at all during phone sex calls? Sure thing! If that is what the caller is into. My goal has always been about mutual masturbation… but some callers want more fetish stuff or a roleplay where it isn’t about me as much as them. In those cases I tend not to masturbate, so I can cater to the caller. When I got into this biz initially I did it for the orgasms. But not all calls allow me the opportunity to do that.

What are your favorite fantasies? I can’t say I have one favorite, they are always evolving. Same is true for my movie and music tastes lol. For me, fantasy is a curious thing. I love to dive deep into someone else’s mind and pick at their brain. That’s one reason I like what I do. But also it becomes a way of self discovery to learn new ideas about a fantasy. I love being in a position that I get to talk openly about sex and fantasy with real people. In some strange way it helps me to figure out my own fantasies. And it’s always a work in progress.

Are there fantasies that you don’t like? Yeah, I guess so. I’m not really into a fantasy that is harmful to others. I don’t find pain, abuse, or criminal activity to be sexy. It’s alright for some, but not for me.

What’s your favorite color? Pink or Purple and in all shades!

What’s your favorite outfit to wear? It all depends on what I am doing. Around the house I dress comfortably like in a tee shirt and blue jeans. When I go out sometimes I like to be Dressed to Thrill!

Do you do domination calls? A little yes, but not really the hardcore stuff. I’m flexible and try to work with a caller though. When I truly don’t feel I can handle a specific domination theme – I do say so rather then attempting to fake my way through it. I was just taught to have manners and be polite by my mother so to truly humiliate a person is a bit out of my personality. I find it difficult to do.

Are you submissive? Not really no. Sometimes I like a roleplay where I am… like as the young unsuspecting babysitter type of thing… but as a rule I am just too strong of a woman to be submissive. It’s just not my thing. I guess if I was pressed to be more specific I would say I am submissive at a level 3 out of 10. Some light stuff is cool, but I don’t enjoy abuse or pain.

Does your family/friends know what you do? Uh not really. A few friends do, and only a few close family members do.




There are 2 types of people in the world, those who like phone sex and those who don’t. So right now we’ll do a little roleplay where I am the teacher and you are my student. I pretend that I know everything, and you pretend to be interested. Ok, now we are set.

I can tell you why some people do not enjoy phone sex. They don’t “get it” and they think of it as a way to replace regular sex. It’s not…. it’s an enhancement to masturbation, but in no way can it ever replace the real deal. But that’s ok – because it shouldn’t be your intention to replace regular real time sex. It’s just another way to masturbate! Simple!

I have seen, heard, and even spoken to women who take it real personally that their husband or their boyfriend has called a phone sex service before. I don’t understand why you would assume phone sex is any different than watching a dirty movie – or even jerking off to a magazine. Those are things that enhance masturbation and phone sex is basically like an erotic story told rather than being written. Men who do like phone sex tend to be guys with deep imagination, and also men who appreciate language, voices, and personality. I see them as guys who like me (I’m always talking about myself you know) on the whole; they like the total package which means as a rule that is also how they view all women. I think that’s a good thing.

Phone sex is different from a movie or magazine in the fact that you receive and “interaction” and “reaction” from another person. Also not a bad thing because you can interact with a subject that most people do not even dare discuss. Masturbation is a taboo subject in itself. So it can be quite exciting to just sit back and discuss it with someone, in particular, a stranger. With a telephone conversation, you can say anything; you can even exaggerate your story to suit your fantasy, you can just discuss sex, or you can completely roleplay out a desire. But best of all phone sex is safe sex – no physical contact is made, no disease, no pregnancy, and it can be casual. So while “interaction” takes place – it’s on a nice safe level.

Another thing that’s a positive about paying for phone sex with a service…. You could say that you “get what you pay for”. You sure as hell don’t want a SHY girl – you want a babe that isn’t afraid of saying nasty dirty words – and a phone sex operator is kinda comfortable with it. Plus by buying a service for phone sex – you are also buying PRIVACY. As a rule (though there are always exceptions) most phone sex operators aren’t going to invade your life. I know and understand why a guy calls – I accept it and I’m not really seeking gifts or marriage proposals. You don’t have to worry about me becoming a “Fatal Attraction” type of relationship… you simply are purchasing my time.




Once upon a time someone created phone sex. You paid by the minute and rarely got to talk to real girls at home. Then came PHONE FLIRTS®…. and it offered toll-free telephone numbers, cheap prices, creative imagination, and a sexy voice to shoot your wad to. But that wasn’t all – there was always a huge photo gallery, erotic stories and so much more… all of which is on the website. Phone sex was never the same again, and all the horny men lived happily ever after stroking their cocks into orgasmic pleasure!

We’re among Yahoo’s Most Popular Sites and We Rank High in the Google Directory

The business here is adult. The talk is dirty and the result is about amateur girls who make you spurt gallons of sperm. You won’t learn anything educational here. There is no real redeeming reason to call naughty Lynnea except that she is sexy, horny, and look for little excuses to masturbate.

My name is Rick. I’m the silent partner at Phone Flirts®. I handle all of the legalities, web issues, and whatever else I’m needed to do. How did it all start? How did this company get here? The legend of Phone Flirts® shall be revealed, my friends! I decided to open my own service a few years ago because I liked phone sex. I used to lurk in chat rooms seeking the free stuff, but rarely got anyone good to do it. I also was probably a lot like you are – I called a phone sex service sometimes too.

I’m actually a happily married guy, adore my wife like nothing else in my life – but every now and then I need a little “somethin’-somethin”. You know what I mean don’t you? Hell, my wife even KNEW about it and never minded. Granted, I probably wasn’t 100% honest with her about it, but for the most part, I was. The wifey thought it was rather silly and amusing. Some of the stuff I was into my wife wasn’t, so this provided me a way to get it without straying, and kept me from bothering her – in a way. Phone sex wasn’t something I did constantly or everyday… it was just sort of an occasional fun time thing.

Sometimes I hung out in chat rooms. I even picked up a few broads there for phone sex. The whole cyber sex phenomenon was lost on me because I need 2 hands, and I like some type of personality when I am communicating with another person. So I’d pick up some women in the rooms for phone sex, but they were often older housewives who were bored, or they were shy and quiet on the phone. It got to be slightly annoying because I think a lot of the women I spoke to who were really nice, were only doing the phone sex part as a “curiosity” type of thing. They weren’t really into it, didn’t know what to say, and came across to me as a little awkward. I had this one woman tell me about her whole day at a church of all things, yeah right like I wanted to hear THAT for foreplay. I guess they were all lovely people; I just didn’t like the amount of work I had to put in to get a “freebie”. It was never really free phone sex because I did a lot of the work on the phone and I had to do work to GET the lady to talk to me that way. I paid for the free phone sex with my time and effort.

I ended up preferring to call a professional phone sex service for 2 main reasons: the first being I knew I was going to get what I was paying for with no strings attached. No operator was going to invade my personal life or want a “relationship” beyond it (yikes) and the second was that a professional girl has experience talking with no embarrassment or shyness. It just made more sense to pay for it and get exactly what I wanted from it and that also made it way more immediate for my throbbing bone.

One day whilst hanging about a chat room I met the lovely Lynnea. I wasn’t looking that day for a freebie – it just happened. Lynnea was flirtatious, intelligent, friendly, and extremely sexy. We hit it off in an instant and had things in common; she was not like some of the other ladies I chatted to before. You could tell her words on the screen were very genuine from the way she said things. But she wouldn’t allow me to call her right away! I could have shit a brick – here comes that work again just to whack off! She said she’d need to get to know me better because she thought phone sex was meant to be personal, and seduction is better with someone you know a little. I fell for it since it was a pretty “real” comment from someone in chat, which is rare. Now while this slightly drove me nuts – it was also very enticing, to say the least when you really do like the girl. The idea of the pursuit was much hotter this way.

The next day I chatted to Lynn for a while. We talked about boring stuff, but we chatted about sex too. She seemed to have an imaginative mind. Our conversation kept me rock hard the entire time – and I liked the feeling like that because it was clear she knew it. I did my best to pursue her, to do all the right stuff. And the day after she agreed to talk to me on the phone.

Now this was a voice that could make me cream from just reading street signs or the directions to my blu-ray player. It was so steady and smooth – it dripped like honey, which is what I exactly told her. She told me how one of her normal phone sex partners used to tell her that her voice was like whiskey and honey… made you all warm inside. Yeah, that’s for damn sure. And so our phone sex kink-fests ensued for a few weeks. Those calls were hot, passionate, sensual, and pretty damn wet. When that sensual voice hissed at me – I could only beat off. After our erotic talks…. we’d talk about all types of topics too because Lynn was knowledgeable about lots of things. Yet she talks with class too because she doesn’t force her opinions on you and isn’t harshly judgmental. She just had a lot of real qualities that I like in a girl. She made it easy.

Eventually, we decided to start taking the fun into a business partnership. Lynnea was young but smart, she already knew a lot about business and had the gift of common sense. She was an analytical thinker, she could see through problems before they even happened. I began to admire her! Once we started business boomed. Phone Flirts was different than other companies. No per minute charges, no bullshit. Our rates angered competitors but we didn’t care what anyone else did. We had a business model in mind, and a plan. We didn’t have to make things work… it just did! We invested in a Trademark, Copyrighted our content, and ran this tiny phone sex company as if it was a huge company. And it became pretty huge.

As time went on this service grew and grew, but it was always Lynnea that nurtured it the most. It was her devoted clients and her treatment of them that made Phone Flirts® stable. Over the last few years things have changed for the better and grown dramatically, but Lynnea remains consistent and naughty. Our mission and mentality has always fallen back onto hard work, ethics, and having fun.

The secret of Phone Flirts® success? Oh, you want the secret to the legend now too? The main ingredient is Lynnea- no one can replace her, imitate her, or hold a match to her when it comes to being genuine. Her specialty is “reality” – you can FEEL the impact that she leaves behind.

Has our relationship together changed? Well, yeah, we both got caught up in our personal lives, done different things, and have chosen our own paths. But the partnership is strong, powerful, and somehow one helluva kinky mix. The legend continues!




I consider Phone Flirts to mean “reality” phone sex. That may be a hard thing to chew for many people, but let me explain what I mean. Since 1999 Phone Flirts have provided honest, professional, and amateur style phone sex for reasonable prices. I genuinely CARE about my business and because I do, I care about the callers as well.

I never meant to stay in the phone sex industry this long, to be honest! I enjoyed phone sex, and it seemed like a simple way to make money while I was still a college student. But I also saw my competition, the marketplace, and the need for value in this industry. As time has gone by I have personally worked to become “the best”. Since being “the best” is just an “opinion”, or a relative term, I may not truly be that. But that attitude has made me work hard to continually improve myself,and grow my business. I’ve never lost my personal morals, I’ve never become jaded, and I still CARE about Phone Flirts.

Any company, owner, or operator that stays in this business for the long haul really does CARE. Me, and others like me, put blood sweat, tears, money, creativity, into our work… and into the human beings we offer our services to. We know the true value of a solid business, and loyal customer following. We also know that you can FEEL that with the way we do business with you, it easily comes across to you. The main reason Phone Flirts has lasted so long in a disposable industry is because the heart and inspiration of it lies with me. The reality is that I adore my business, I absolutely adore the clients, the fun, the challenge, and each day brings something new. I could have never stayed around this long if I didn’t love it.

This is a business that focuses on the “long distance” aspect, but there are real people behind it. I am professional, I cut to the chase, but I will never forget you are real too. You’ll get “no gimmicks”, no dirty “tricks”, and literally no bullshit. I know the reality of what is out there – and I’ve seen the bait and switch tactic, the stringing along game, and the real dangers of ordering anything online.

The concept of a phone sex service is so simple it appears to be a “no brainer”, but let me assure you that is not the case here. Phone Flirts is a company with BRAINS, with heart, with a soul, with a history, and I am not afraid of “reality”. I don’t promise you the moon, but I do deliver what I promise! It is my personal goal to bring you the very best in amateur phone sex. You’ll have a good time without spending a fortune, and that reality isn’t going to change!




If being a phone sex operator requires a specific “state of mind” from the caller’s perspective, than Lynnea has got it down pat. Lynnea’s mood creates a tone for your call whether it is about erotic imagery, a passionate roleplay, or just the feeling of sensuality. Her words and emotions bring life to your fantasy.

Lynnea IS the girl next door in her neighborhood. She has a down home comfortable personality and it’s natural…. rather than her just putting you on. She’s a sweetheart with a little urban sensibility mixed into her old fashioned values. She can be comfortable wearing that little black dress ….or jeans and a belly shirt. She is a party girl that’s probably never lost a game of quarters or strip poker. She can turn the party on when she needs to, and turn you on when she wants to… As a career girl, she is creative, calculating and brilliant. She’s had her little business plan all along, as well a direction for the future. She can be a sensual seductress or a naughty sex kitten depending on her mood and your preference.

Lynnea has a voice like to other; she talks seductively and chooses her words with extra care by speaking slowly and with meaningful purpose. She is soothing, melodic, and uses her voice to seduce you. Her voice may literally be the sexiest on the planet and your cock has not been effectively stroked until it has been done by Lynnea.

Phone sex with Lynnea is more than an anatomy lesson, it’s being taken hostage by a hot little minx whose sensual moods fluctuate in ways that will leave you panting for more.




I believe that the key ingredient in phone sex for any caller…. is finding the right phone sex girl. I also believe that most people see themselves differently then others do.

I may NOT be every guy’s “cup of tea” so to speak. I know that, and hope you realize that too. I am not “everything” to “everyone”… nor is anyone else. I’m just a regular girl who is compatible with some guys more than others. I don’t think I want to be “everything” to “everyone” anyway… I want to keep my individuality. You can take a look at my personal Bio, you can read more about my experiences in the phone sex industry at my Phone Sex Diary, or learn about My Many Moods too.

Since I’ve been a phone sex girl for quite some time now. I do understand that it’s essential to make a personal connection, and that the girl paints her personality portrait accurately. So for you… the caller reading this…. I present you with a vivid description of my personality, my style, and my interests.

A few things that callers have said about me….

“it’s like talking to an old friend” “you are so natural and sincere which is maybe the hottest thing ever” “Listening to you read the telephone book could get me off. Anything you say sounds naughty”. “you ALWAYS have a positive attitude”.

You can read more about the things that my callers have said by visiting my comments page

Here are a few things I know about myself…..

1. I’m very naughty and flirtatious. I was born that way. I can flirt with anyone and usually do.

2. I like to take a few min to get to know someone, but I’m not opposed to urgent quickies either.

3. I’m a direct person… I hate mind games or beating around the bush (no pun intended). Speak your mind to me, and I’d do the same in return.

4. I have a wicked sense of humor that’s even a little warped and twisted. Expect me to laugh with you and to make some witty comments. It’s just who I am.

5. I feel like phone sex should be fun, a mutually good time, and free of bullshit.

6. I am not a script reader, and I never stall your time. I try to treat each caller differently and on a personal level.

7. If you sound sexy, if you are sweet to me, then I will want to cum with you.

8. My pattern of speech is just as specific as my voice is. I have good use of language, no lisps, and I speak clearly. I speak slowly and deliberately. I like creative use of words in phone sex. I’m totally NOT a moaner, a screamer, and I don’t “yell”.

9. I’m not greedy, or just into this for the gifts and tips. I do not accept those things and find that tacky. It’s just my opinion but I’d rather to talk to you then just get “stuff” for nothing. I have a boyfriend who gets me enough “gifts”.

10. I am a LISTENER… it means that I want your opinions on a fantasy because they matter. I believe that anyone who calls a phone sex line wants a fantasy to be delivered the way THEY like it. Therefore; I seek to UNDERSTAND you and your desire. Being a good listener is a skill, not a personality trait.

My voice has been best described by a great British friend of mine…. he says it is like Whiskey and Honey. He means that it sounds soothing, it feels warm, and has a sweetness to it. I’m not using a “put on” voice, it’s just my natural tones. You can hear a few samples of it on my audio page.

If the portrait I have painted of myself sounds like I might appeal to your interests and tastes then cool… let’s talk. If not, you are welcome to try some of my girl friends for phone sex too.




I promise you I know how to be feminine. I will bring out your natural male urges, so intensely that you will feel my softness beside you. I’m down to earth and I always share myself with you. I’m business minded, intelligent, open, and our phone call together will be extremely intimate.

My middle name is naughty. I have to admit to my fetish – I love phone sex because it’s one of the most erotic things I’ve tried. I’m going to tease you, seduce you, relax you, and leave you like a new man with a huge mess in your hand. I’ll paint pictures in your mind with my words… custom made just for you.

I’m always told I am the girl next door. But there is so much more to me than that. My mind and speech are slow and gradual. Before you know it – you will be lost in my voice. My feminine hiss will run through your mind… days later, even when you try to block it out. A phone sex call with me is not some High School play or performance. It’s an indulgence in adult delights.

Phone sex should always be a personal service. When you talk to me – I can get to know you as an individual and want you to do the same. For me, it’s the knowing you that gets me turned on. You aren’t just another call; you are a unique person that I get the chance to talk to!

Let’s try to be more meaningful than: “uh so what do you like” when we talk. Let’s probe our minds deeply. Let’s share some real experiences we’ve had in a blatantly honest environment. Our phone call will be exactly as WE MAKE IT. So let’s make it personal and real.

I’m what you might call a natural born “tease” and I have always been that way. I’m normal, I’m natural, and I’m very real. You’ll find me quite sincere and intelligent. Phone sex with me is more than an anatomy lesson; I’ll take your mind hostage and weave you into my web of lust.




If you have ever wondered what makes a phone sex service truly stand out from another – you might want to look into the service’s ethics. Yeah even the phone sex industry needs some ethics. I know lots of company owners and different services who use good business ethics. But there are lots out there who do not too. I wrote this list of ethics, take a peek.

The following info is related to the small private Internet based adult phone sex service and I wrote it a few years back.

We will operate within the laws of our city, state and country.

We will not intentionally misrepresent facts or our services to customers.

We will service our callers with respect, professionalism, competence, and most importantly as an individual who deserves a very specific type of attention.

We will make all billing information clear and concise via the web or telephone. We will also offer clear contact info to our Customer Service Department who can handle any issues that arise.

We will keep caller information and records of caller conversations/entertainment completely confidential.

We will treat our website visitors, our callers, and fellow service owners with honesty and respect.

We will not take advantage of private caller information for our service, or for profit.

We will accept only phone calls that we are qualified for, by either experience or competence to indulge in the fantasy.

We will only assign phone sex operators to a caller that has experience, knowledge, professionalism, and expertise.

We will immediately acknowledge our ability to provide the service to our callers, and will offer to withdraw from a conversation when we cannot.

We will notify callers of additional billing done to their credit cards, and to any rate increases with a clear-cut explanation of the reasons.

We will ensure that our business databases are not directly connected to the Web. And that we use every method available to protect our computers.

We will honestly disclose any commissions that we will receive for websites or services we recommend to our customers.

We will not use “scam” tactics or bait and switch “tricks” to lure customers into our websites.

We will create a pleasant Website that will not annoy surfers with pop up windows, devious redirects, or with a cookie cutter theme.

We will contact law enforcement in any situation where crime is suspected.

We will not attempt to “litter” the search engines with banner or link farms, or create pages that lack content.

We will not make financial demands upon our callers beyond the charges for the service itself. There will be NO requests for tips, gifts, extra money, or favors.

We will not string our callers along simply to make more money from them.

We promote honesty among our entire staff.

We do not allow conflicts of interest to take place within our business, with our competitors, or with our customers.

We will not barter for services with our customers.

We work well with our competition as Business Professionals and do not involve callers in outstanding issues we may be involved in. We obey the law and we put considerable efforts into running our individual businesses that makes this apparent to our customers.

We will respect the Intellectual Property, Trademarks, and Copyrights of our callers, and other phone sex services. We will not use content, photos, stories, domain names, and the like without permission. We also will report violations of this Code of Ethics to all affected parties.

If and when an issue arises with another company/owner we will work hard to resolve it in a calm, competent, responsible, ethical, and professional manner.

We will never speak on the behalf of another company, service, or owner. We have respect for our competitors and believe they can handle their own issues.




It’s easy to “hide” on the Internet and to trick consumers, which is why many unscrupulous businesses take advantage of that on a daily basis. One of the biggest fears for guys who call phone sex services is that they will be taken advantage of. Internet scams in the adult industry are on the rise. How can you tell a legitimate business from a less trustworthy one?

The following info is related to the small private Internet based adult phone sex service.

The Website should have the appearance of professionalism as evidenced by correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and correct use of words. Neatness counts too, but an attractive fabulously made web page is not the sign of a legitimate business either. It is very cheap to buy the ingredients and easy to obtain the knowledge of building a site. Look for websites that have been around awhile.

Does the site have the following: A mission statement, a privacy statement, a policy statement, disclaimers, hours of operation, third party advertiser honesty, and customer satisfaction guarantees? They should all be clear, concise and straightforward.

Be wary of “claims” that cannot be verified or proven. False advertising tactics are a sure sign of trouble and this goes for all types of Internet businesses.

The first thing you should look for when you decide you want to call a phone sex operator or service is: Contact Information. Make sure there is a way to contact the owner directly. If a problem ever would arise then you need to know who to contact.

Payment prices and options should be obvious. A company/service with an approved Merchant Account from a bank is much less likely to vanish and is therefore more legitimate.

If you want to jot the number down from a web page and call at a later point, then also write down the url to the site. If a problem would ever arise then you want to know exactly where you got that number.

It’s best to find one, two, or possibly 3 services that make you happy and to stick with them. Floating around and calling every phone number out there will eventually land you into some type of trouble with unethical businesses. Why would you want to hand your credit card number out all over the place anyway?

Look for a site that advertises a lot. Look for sites that have developed linking relationship with multiple places other than their own websites. Sincere businesses do promotion in many different ways on the net. Paying for advertising is also more legitimate business behavior.

If and when a problem arises with billing; then refer to the contact information to speak to the owner. ALL legitimate businesses will work out issues with you personally.


Phone Sex with Lynnea
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